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Workshops and Events



I Run a variety of offerings, workshops and events on a regular basis and in different locations. I am also available to provide these on request and consultation.  

Embodiment And Sacred Dance

Come and enjoy an experiential event of embodiment awareness practices, games and sacred dance.

These events comprise of two parts.

Embodiment practices to awaken the body, using movement and dance to move through and out of accumulated stories that no longer serve us, dropping enculturated masks and conditioning, stepping into play and flow states, into prayer, as an act of healing and devotion to our hearts, each other, this earth and all our relations.
Come breathe, move, sound, sigh, touch, dance, play and connect. Come home to this earth and our human tribe. Explore your animal body and embodied self in a safe and sacred space.
All of you is welcome here.

The ceremonial dance.
An hour set of music to drop in, empty out and receive, for yourself, your family, your community and the earth. 

These events encourage you to connect to your full self. To call forth your soul's expression. This increases your capacity to be present to your full self, to self-regulate and expand your window of tolerance, leading to a greater depth of feeling and presence in your life.
Come and play, enter the present moment and open your heart to joy.
Come and sweat your prayers.

Restorative Breathwork

Come meet your Self on the mat. You are magnificent and miraculous. Take the time to deepen into your being and all life.
The intent of the container and style I use is to bring recalibration, self-regulation and peace.
I attended my first breathwork in 1996. It was deeply profound. I’ve had the privilege since to train with many teachers from many styles. Taking all these in and integrating them with many other teachings has led me to use breathwork in the form I now use.

Email me for more information. 

There are several levels of exchange for the above Breathwork and Sacred Dance events.


I love what I do and want to make these events available to all who feel called. If you have financial restrictions please contact me to discuss options. 

58 Arthur Street, 

East Toowoomba,

Queensland 4350






Tel: +61414204944

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