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How I can help and What I do.

I provide holistic mulit-modality sessions/consultations. These vary in length from 15min to over 2 hours, depending on your needs. I assess and support your total health and well being. I look at your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational self. Supporting and coaching you to bring these back into right relationship.

One on one Breathwork sessions over a minimum of 2 hours.


Group sessions exploring many themes on health and wholeness. 


Ayni Despacho ceremonies to assist restoration of balance. 

Fire ceremonies for clearing and transformation.

Ancestral Healing. I support people with coming into healthy relationship with their ancestors. Bringing healing to their blood lineages and connecting with their wise and well ancestors. These processes bring a wealth of support and can shift transgenerational patterns which limit you in your life. 

Shamanic energy work . My interest in this started from an early age. My father is an Anthropologist and had a lot to do with Indigenous Australians. I grew up surrounded by information and artifacts from cultures from all around the world. My first mentor-ship into energy work started when I was 17. My learning has continued ever since. I have been a Reiki Master for 24 years. During this time I have had the privilege of being taught and mentored by many gifted western and indigenous healers from many backgrounds and modalities. I have also received initiation into the Q’ero Andean shamanic lineage and completed training with The Four Winds Society. A Pampa Mesayok caretaker of the earth. 


There is a core understanding in this teaching that all life is sacred and must be lived with in harmony and with respect and celebration. It’s practices help to identify where someone is out of balance with this and to move them back into connection and grace.

“Earthkeeper medicine practices are based on the idea that we must realign ourselves with nature and come back into balance, and then our natural health will return.” – Alberto Villoldo

Some of the processes involved in energy medicine include extraction or removal of heavy or blocked energies from the energy field, cord cutting (removing negative bound ties to people), soul retrieval and destiny retrieval, bringing you back into your sovereignty and alignment with your unique soul purpose. These invite healing and realignment in ayni or right relationship to life.


Mind Body Counselling

Holistic Physical Health support

Emotional release counselling

All aspects of Men's and Women's Health 

Shamanic Energy Work

Coaching, Mentoring