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"Daniel Biernoff is one of those rare people who truly loves what he does, his connection to mind, body and spirit is authentic and he is a fabulous listener. I firmly believe he has found his calling. I would highly recommend him as your practitioner!"

Tracy Doyle

"Daniel is an exceptional healer. He is kind and gentle yet strong and firm, a beautiful example of positive masculinity. He is deeply connected energetically and very sensitive and he is full of compassion and empathy. His depth of knowledge and wisdom and experience are palpable and you know he can hold you wherever you will go emotionally, spiritually, physically. You can trust him very quickly and his understanding of the human psych and experience and his skills in shamanic, psychological, emotional and physical medicine systems is felt. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Dan de Lion

"I have been working with Daniel for 12 months and honestly it has changed my life. He has helped me on my own personal journey to wellness. He helps guide me nutritionally and has certainly helped me emotionally too. You really have nothing to lose by trying something different."

Sarah Rossiter

"I highly recommend Daniel and his amazing shaman work and healing. I’ve had a 3 sessions with Daniel and his work is gentle, yet powerful. He is genuine and authentic. His release work is amazing."

Kirsty Norton

"Daniel has a beautiful way with such a gentle, heart-felt approach.

I felt i was in safe hands, as soon as i met him!

The combination of modalities he is gifted with, brought about a unique healing experience for myself.... I would highly recommend seeing him!!"

Sita Tara

"Daniel is such a good healer, with tools to help us access undiscovered areas of our subconscious. I am grateful for the sessions we had and I highly recommend his work."

Ronan Neto

"My sessions with Daniel were incredibly helpful during a time where I was unsettled, adjusting to some changes in life.

Daniel is an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner and he brings great love and care to the work he does. The energy work I experienced had a much greater, positive impact than I had anticipated and will be an ongoing part of my self-care and personal development. I’m really grateful for having access to this and wholeheartedly recommend Daniel."

Kyanne Smith


"Daniel is a beautiful soul, with an incredible gift. He has a beautiful capacity to “listen”. He senses energy very quickly, acts as a powerful mirror, and holds space with such gentleness, love, clarity, grace, and compassion; thereby allowing profound healing to unfold. Daniel approaches his work with a beautiful sincerity and vulnerability, that allows you to also feel safe to be “seen”. Thank you Daniel, for the pure and loving energy that you bring to what you do. I never once felt anything but complete love, trust and compassion in your presence. I am very grateful for the tears I was able to shed, the profound insights I gained through your wisdom, and the beautiful shifts I have experienced in my being since."

Peta Hood

"Daniels' work is literally life transforming. He works from an evidence based, holistic framework, and his knowledge base is impressive. He has effectively addressed issues that other health professionals have been unable to assist with (such as an ongoing sore throat). Though having moved states I still liaise with Nourished Health Through Nutrition as I'm yet to meet another Naturopath that provides the same level of knowledge combined with responsive support. Daniel just 'gets it.' Vegan friendly, open to exploring emotions, and spirituality - whatever you need. I have and will continue to recommend him and his services to any and all."

Mich Kate

"Cannot thank Daniel enough. Excellent knowledge, service and care. The medical world failed me and my health issues but Daniel has put me on a road to recovery with support I can rely on. Highly recommended."

Lauren Fickling

"Exceptional knowledge and understanding of nutrition and human nature. Daniel has a way of getting right to the core of what blocks I put up and understands exactly what I need to keep me motivated. He has helped me be a healthier, happier person."

Vicki Barnes

"I have never been much into natural medicine but after my visit to Daniel at Nourished I can honestly say I am converted. I found his care to be of a personal and deeper nature than almost anyone I have ever been treated for in any way. I can only recommend that you try for yourself and see not only what a wonderful therapist he is, but a person as well."

Peta Hopf

"Daniel has been really helpful not just to help with my general health but also helping to improve my performance as a athlete. Its really easy to talk to him and he has a vast knowledge what your body needs to improve its function. If you want a change in your life i couldn't recommend enough!"

Jack Norman

"I worked with Daniel, over the phone, from the other side of the world, and had the most profound shifts in perspective of what I was dealing with. I could barely move after the call for a few hours because I could feel the energetic changes in my body. If you are a woman and have had any past traumas with men, Daniel is the person to work with. I’ve never felt more safe in a masculine presence in my life. His energy is strong, ͏Sa͏f͏e, yet firm and I needed to be in that to heal. It was beautiful. He’s extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and gifted. I can only compare it to having a remote surgery. I’m very blessed and grateful for the opportunity to work with him. I highly recommend him and his work!"

Madonna Clifton

"Daniel is a wonderfully compassionate soul who has been one of my go to support people during difficult times. I've always felt in a completely safe and non-judgmental space with Daniel, and would recommend him without hesitation."

Casey Blackburn

"I first saw Daniel when I had a miscarriage and was struggling to get my hormones back on track. His knowledge and empathy to support me during such a difficult time was kind, nurturing and wise.
His professionalism, wealth of experience and knowledge of Naturopathy surpassed all expectations of what I understood a Naturopath could assist with. Over the last 4 years, under Daniel's guidance and encouragement I have improved my health, nurtured myself nutritionally, increased my awareness of Self-Care and discovered a new energy to shine from within. I could not express highly enough how grateful I am for Daniel's expertise and wisdom."

Amy Cook

"I was lucky enough to complete some of my prac hours as a nutrition student with Daniel and was blown away with his knowledge and passion for natural medicine. Highly recommend."

Katarina Jones-Tapscott

"I have been going to Daniel for 2 years after wanting a more integrated approach to healing in my mental health, physical health and spirituality. Daniel has helped me in leaps and bounds through creating an authentic, safe and professional space for me to work on these issues. He has a varied skilled set in helping people with all aspects of their life. He is great at accepting and working with people from all walks/ beliefs etc. I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to make deep and lasting change in their life."

Jess Andrews

"To begin or continue to add to a well being experience on all levels, physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically you will not find a better practitioner than Daniel. He is a gift to this community and to these times of change and has guided me to a place of increased calm and balance. No matter what challenges you face Daniel is likely to have the tools to help ease your way."

Kim Diamond

"I have had two sessions with Daniel now and have already experienced profound shifts in exploring and uncovering emotional hurdles in my life... I appreciate the care and attention paid by Daniel during our sessions and feel truly supported and honored through the sometimes difficult process... many thanks."

Andrew Phelan

Facilitating Full

Holistic Physical Health support

Mind Body Counselling

Emotional release counselling

Movement and Expressive Therapies

All aspects of Men's and Women's Health and well being

Shamanic Energy Work

Process Coaching and Mentoring

58 Arthur Street, 

East Toowoomba,

Queensland 4350






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